Stained glass windows

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Stained glass windows

She has a special interest in stained glass windows in churches, from the pure color blocks to the sophisticated images that are made from those pieces of colored glasses. She’s not catholic and I would say that we’re both non-religious, but we both love the peaceful moments which are more or less related to a specific religion that we happen to see during our time. One of those moments is wedding ceremony in church, which we saw few in Philippines and Italy by chance.

Coming back to the stained glass windows, normally visitors are not allowed to take photos inside the church, plus the lighting condition indoor is usually not good for a clear picture so it’s quite a challenge for us to take some photos during our trips.

By the time we were in Philippines, we visited the Manila Cathedral, aka. “Mother of all Churches and Cathedrals in the Philippines“. Here is the focus of a stained glass window inside it.

The “combination of windows” would look like this:

and this:

We also visited the San Agustin church which is close to its “mother” mentioned above. The associated museum is quite large decorated with square colored glass windows.

Saying goodbye the churches in Philippines, we had chance to visit one of the most famous, oldest and tallest churches in Europe. It is the Strasbourg Cathedral, which was initiated in 1015. So lucky for us, by the time we were there they were celebrating the millennial event (1000-year old) of the cathedral with lighting shows at night and other activities. Let’s look at its antique glass windows.

And along the wall is a line of windows, one next to another, like this:

Moving to Paris, this one was found in Louvre museum:

And also this one (which she took by her phone)

We arrived at the famous butte Montmartre at around noon time, where we stopped by the Sacré-Coeur Basilica (Basilica of the Sacred Heart). I probably like the picture below the most, because it has both stained glass windows and the reflection of them on the walls under the sunlight.

The last picture will be the first one (of the “theme” about stained glass windows) we took during our trip to Ba Na hills, Da Nang, in summer 2012. And it was actually a fake colored glass window =))


Philippines, January 2015 – France, July 2015