Isn’t it too fast?

By on 7-04-2018 in My own notes, Photos

Isn’t it too fast?

Yesterday I heard a song by chance in a cool weather at evening time, from a corner of a fast-food restaurant. The place was almost empty, with only few people silently having their dinners, as it was Monday and normally people don’t eat out much that time.

The song made me missing you so much..

Apart from the real memories we have together, I have a treasure of about 28,000 photos/pictures/clips more or less related to you (maybe more, but that number was from my quick calculation on the two biggest folders). And one thing that I’ve always been longing to do, also the thing that I “fear”, is to sink into those memories together with those photos/clips to look at you, to hear your voice, and to live again our time.

Today I saw a question about a trip route in EU that we passed by in a forum for overseas students, and I recommended them our trip route.

That made me missing you more..

I feel like living too fast whenever I’m busy with work (well, this case is very rare) and with other daily life activities which I don’t enjoy. Sometimes I feel like wasting time for such those things, but what else can I do?

And, at the same time, ridiculously I don’t spend enough time for my beloved people, being busy with minor things.

Am I living too fast?

This photo is one of the pics you like, as you look like a girl in a fairy tale window as you once said.

maifeo maipheo the_miracle88 justus

For a day that I miss you more!