Just a look back

By on 6-08-2020 in My own notes, Our memories

Just a look back

I stole those photos from her iPhone to reflect my current thinking of going back to EU for a trip. Since last few years I have always been wanting to live as slow as I can, trying to take most of the time for myself and somehow I have been able to get that to some extent.

This year has even been giving me more, things go as planned in a way that I decided to consider it as one of the timing milestones of mine.

Despite all that wanting, my life speed is still not as slow as it’s supposed to be, there are things that I need to try and to think about before wrapping them up to settle my way.

maipheo maifeo the_miracle88 justus at Kleber square Strasbourg

Place Kl├ęber in a late afternoon when we arrived, brought us a pleasant experience for our on-the-fly decision made in the last day at Interlaken.

All the bests for the people we love!