People like us

By on 12-31-2018 in My own notes, Our memories

People like us

For the last 03 months since my last post, there were few changes. At first I thought they’re bad but now turned out all are not at that negative level, indeed in a better way, honestly.

I changed my job, the working hours with almost full-day of meetings everyday made me thinking I had made a bad choice although I was paid higher (I didn’t know about the meeting schedule till onboarding time). A free-style man like me cannot do daily routine job with endless boring meetings which give me no privacy for my own way of working. Till the 2nd month, I was able to manipulate the people in this new environment to slip the meeting schedule to the slots I prefer, and remove some meetings I don’t want them to happen. By that I start having my personal space to flexibly doing my job without any predictable routine. To me, the term “manipulation” is more than “management” and that’s the way I like.

I started bypassing my perfectionism in some cases. I had invested a small deal on something which was mentioned in my last post, and was thinking of doing everything for that investment (end-to-end) by myself. In fact I can do all of these, even do it well, but I realized it would consume a lot of my time. I then outsourced some parts to the others, accepting there will be things I don’t like, but in a world like this, things we like are not necessarily the same as what the others like.

People like us, we share our tastes in most of the things, share our kindness, share our perfectionism, share our levels of moral beauty comparing to those materialistic people out there and share our lucky and unlucky things in lives.

People like us, we have many things to be proud of (and to be cocky, as with my case).

Recently, I watched the 1st season of the “Counterpart” series which gave me special interest, you’ll know for sure. I would love watching us, or watching people like us, to see how they live in their other lives. I want, I really do, to wish them to have better lives than ours.

Till the last few weeks of this December, the weather had been like in autumn season. You sure would love that. I still can recall all the moments we were together, and in the photo of this post which was taken more than 3 years ago, you look really amazing to me.

People like us, we deserve good things, wherever we are by now, my dear.