Silent time

By on 9-27-2018 in My own notes, Photos

Silent time

The past 02 months and even till now have been my moody time (I always am, by the way).

I paused all activities for my recent investment, ignoring the unwanted impact on financial matters and opportunities.

I stopped reading books.

I got rid of a should-not-last-long relationship, although it did make my moments sometimes.

And I skipped my post in August.

Last month, Ben and his adopted daughter, Soriya, had a short visit to Hanoi and I was going to meet them at a cafe. You surely remember Ben and his family, as few years before we had dinner together at JW Marriott, and then on our wedding day. It has been a while (more than 2.5 years I guess) that I haven’t been in touch with them.

It’s good to see you“, Ben said that few times when we met.

Yes, that’s exactly what I intend to tell you“, I thought. For me, I just need to see, to watch and sometimes to know about the others’ lives, without the need of frequently interacting and communicating with people.

The photo below was taken when we were at Santorini, looking at the vocalno and caldera view in front of our suite. Few seconds after taking this photo, a guy ran up to us in panic: “Miss, you should not doing this, it’s dangerous. People down below are scared“. Well, we then set up for few other poses before going for a sunset-viewing dinner at Mama Thira.

maifeo maipheo at santorini


I guess I could get back my motivation shortly..