Levels of love

By on 8-12-2017 in My own notes

Levels of love

Since a long while back, I’ve always been going after the idea of uniqueness of everything in this world.

Nothing is the same, nothing is comparable to each other, especially when coming to human feeling-related matters.
Even twins are not the same no matter how much they look alike and how much similar hobbies and thoughts they share, so why do the others have to be exactly the same? That’s the very basis of Math as well, when considering human-being as just a random combination of cells (in physical perspective) mixed with unlimited number of immaterial factors like culture, education, self-sensitiveness, etc.

That brings the fact that love, among human-beings ourselves, can be divided to an unlimited number of levels (or in other word, degrees). Although love can fall into some high-level categories such as parents-children, man-woman, brotherhoods/sisterhoods, people to people, etc. but surely one thing: The levels of love towards the other(s) (for any kind of relationship being mentioned) that each person possesses, no matter which category it falls into, are unique! To put this in a simpler way, there won’t be anything like “I love you/him/her/them/it as much as you do“, literally.

People tend to be influenced by the majority of anything happened around them. They sometimes feel relieved a little knowing someone who had/has “exactly the same” situation/context that they’re having, thus thinking that what the other one did/does can apply to them to some certain extent, if not all. Love, or “levels of love”, to be precise among all the things that are unique, can be totally different from one to another. That leads to a totally different feelings thus reactions of one towards his/her situation from the others.

I remember that, about 15 years ago, when my life started welcoming its first real complicated problems and hard decisions to make, I wished there had been a very senior and experienced old man who I could ask for advise. That was funny and na├»ve, nothing is the same, and the only way that people should do and have to do is getting over their own problems, and by “problems” I’m referring to the really complicated ones overwhelmed with mixed negative feelings. Normally that kind of problems related to grief, when people losing their beloved ones in their lives.

I met some guys who has similar situation like myself, and was also told about another case which is 90% similar. By the 1st time hearing about the latter case, I had wanted to meet that guy hoping that I can see how he was, how we may help each other,… But after a while, my statement on “levels of love” is getting stronger than ever, then not meeting him is definitely better for me, and maybe for him as well.

Last thing I want to say about this levels of love topic: There is no right and wrong here! In other words, it doesn’t mean that if someone has longer grieving time then he has a deeper love towards his beloved than the others having shorter grieving time. People grieve, people react based on their own feelings and all those are based on their levels of love towards somebody/something. That’s the most nature and humane thing that need to be respected, for everyone.

And to my girl, I know my level of love for you, and I think you know and feel it well all the time we were together till now, when we are temporarily separated waiting for our next meet.