Then and Now

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Then and Now

Then and Now“, this is the kind of topic that I hate probably the most as it usually reminds me of good and memorable things that are no longer with me anymore. But I decided to write my first post (hopefully no more) about this “topic theme”, and the reason is, surprisingly, was all about a thing that I rarely do with respect to my “normal behavior”.

My new project team planned for a trip to Da Nang – Hoi An during summer 2017, and since I just joined this project for several months so from “colleagues relationship” perspective there is nothing for me to go. This kind of social-networking activity is what I don’t want to do, at least for now.

Apart from that, my wife loves Hoi An! As I know she went there at least 03 times, and maybe more before we met. We got memories back there, both good and not-so-good, that was life. And again, going back to a place like that with a bunch of strangers is definitely not a logical thing to do for me.

But, I got a second thought of coming back to Hoi An, all alone, to re-visit the places that we were there, where I took photos of her. I want to see how empty they look like without her, through series of “Then and Now” photos. With that in mind, I decided to go with the team and split myself from group for almost a day to go to Hoi An.

That was noon time, I intentionally chose that period to avoid the crowds that will affect the places finding process and photo shooting. This lantern shop was found unexpectedly, as I don’t remember where it is exactly. She was there almost 5 years ago, and thing looks almost the same:

Actually I came to the place below firstly, because I remember about it most clearly. All the photos were taken by my mobile phone so the quality is poor, especially when I have to crop them to get the similar frames like in her photos.

The Japanese Bridge is always surrounded by people, by the time we were back then there were also few couples taking pre-wedding photos like this:

It took me few times passing by this small alley to finally recognize that it is one of the places I’m looking for.

I also, again, unexpectedly passed by few other places that are memorable to us.

I went to Trung Bac, a popular restaurant in Hoi An which offers a special dish that she likes, and I had lunch there. I looked at the table where we sat before, took a photo of it.

I went to another famous local speciality restaurant in Da Nang, looked at the table where we sat before, took a photo of it…

But I don’t post those pictures here because if I start doing like that, it will never be enough for “Then and Now” series.

I won’t be back to Hoi An again for a while…

Hoi An, July 2012