The December

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The December

 .. When you come home? When you come home to me?

.. You’ll remember all the days of summer sun

.. Tell me all the things you wish for

Tell me all that you would want to live for.. 

December just passed for a short while. I don’t like this month, for happened things that both you and me know, except only one thing: Our wedding was in December. The feature photo of this post is the captured moment of us in our wedding day. It was quite close to Xmas time, and we celebrated our wedding in the very central of Hanoi, at an old & popular restaurant with the great view directly to Hoan Kiem lake.

I’m trying to look for different images of you thru the people I’ve met, in a way that only me understand, even just a very slightly similar one. Sometimes I wonder if I couldn’t find anything related to you in them, would I even talk and meet them for the second time? Maybe Yes, maybe No, depending on the initial purposes.

I heard this song by chance when seeing a movie, it’s touching for both the lyrics and melody. And you know why I posted it here, ’cause I’ll never forget you, and only images of you make me feel warm. I’ve been searching for pieces of you in various perspectives, various angles in whoever I meet, in whoever I can find. I wish I could wrap up all those pieces to have a real you with me again.

And I’ll continue doing this till the day I see you again…