My grief & loss movies

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My grief & loss movies

I’m not sure how most of the people react after losing someone they really love: Are they looking for anything that can enable them to imagine where their beloved ones could possibly go after leaving this life? I’m non-religious, having logic-oriented and proof-based mindset but also flexible and open enough for anything that human has not known yet. I’m also cocky (but in a way that the others can hardly recognize that) for some reasons, and being-smart is one of those reasons that I’m being proud of about myself (sorry if this could offend anyone reading this, even as a stranger). To go into more details about the “after-life” topic, I’ll have another post talking about books I read, and most importantly, about what I’m thinking, but that’s for later.

This post is about the movies list that I’ve watched till now, about the grief and loss of people losing their beloved ones. This is one of the “remedy options” that normally people do, or at least I do, to find some shared feeling, to find some “hope” to start my own imagination. This is not a movie-review post, as I’ll go very quickly thru the movie names (linked to its IMDB profile) which are listed not in any specific order.

This is the latest movie that I watched till now, but one of the impressed ones ’cause it shares real feelings, reaction and thanks to my favorite actor Matt Damon for his great job.

This movie is not so outstanding about the plot and contents, but the performance of actors/actresses are impressive. The OST with the song “Feather” by William Wild is also great.

Starting with the OST “Let’s hurt tonight” by OneRepublic and later with famous team including Will Smith + Keira Knightley (my wife’s favorite actress) + Kate Winslet, it’s a movie that one should watch.

Although I don’t quite impress with the movie plot but the performance of¬†Jake Gyllenhaal is impressive (as in his other movie Nightcrawler).

I rarely watch Sci-Fi movies but some of them are really good, and this is one of those.

Actually this movie is not about grief and loss, but it reminds me about how we can buy time for people lives by freezing them and send to other planets/worlds. Sounds very fairy-tale but it was true, the feeling and the thought about that.

Performed by¬†Benedict Cumberbatch whom both I and my wife are interested in, especially for his Sherlock Holmes series, this movie talks about what people don’t know about the other worlds of lives, which is also one of the topics that I love.

We watched this movie together at Megastar Cinemas (now is CGV) few years ago. The scene about father and son seeing each other again while the father was heavily sick touched me that time, and I’m sure my wife felt the same.

We also watched this movie together at home, as I remember. And again Matt Damon is the name mentioned.

This is not the exhausted list and I’ll update more when appropriate. I select movies with my own criteria, and to me, they’re all worth watching, if you are more or less having situation related to grief and loss. Of course it doesn’t hurt if you’re not, but in that case you won’t understand fully!

What we haven’t known about something doesn’t mean that something doesn’t exist or not true, we just don’t know yet!