Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

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Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

This trip was originated from an irrelevant matter, kinda funny. My wife loves making cakes, hence she follows a personal blog called “Savoury days” which is about food, photography and lifestyle of a Vietnamese gal living overseas. One day, she read some posts about Jungfraujoch of Switzerland from that blog and showed me with excitement. I must admit that the location Jungfraujoch, so-called “Top of Europe”, was quite impressive to us. That’s one of the highest snow mountain in Bernese Alps with one of the most distinctive sights of the Swiss Alps. During a summer time, one can enjoy the sunlight while can still play with thick snow at the summit with spectacular view. That was before our trip, and we saved it for our to-go list.

In the middle of our Europe trip, we planned to go to Sweden and/or Norway instead of Switzerland, as I had been in those countries for 02 years and I know the beauty of Nordic regions. But the weather there that time was not good (means lacking of sunshine :D), so we switched our plan to Jungfraujoch as inspired the other day.

We came to Zurich, then caught a train to Bern which is arriving at Interlaken town around afternoon time. The town welcomed us with a small rain, which gave us a little concern about the weather, whether it will be sunny enough to go to the top the day after. We stayed at a hotel decorated in an ancient way, this is the window view from the lobby:

When we checked-in at the hotel, the weather was like this (view from our balcony):

We took a few searches on Internet about the weather trend normally be that time, also asked some locals, but most of the answers are kind of not sure, and even the locals living here just can have a guess. Here I would stop for a minute to show my admiration for Swiss tourism as it provides till the very detailed things to suit travelers’ needs, let’s say the live webcams at attraction places to watch out for weather in real-time. We could watch the live webcam at the Jungfraujoch peak at any time thru this link

While I was considering what should be done next regarding the uncertainty of weather, she became so determined and asked me to go buying the ticket in-advance. By the time when I finished the duty and came back, the rain stopped already and, again, she asked me out for a walk 😀

That was around evening time but it was not dark yet, the sky after rain was grey and little cloudy. Even in that condition, we could still easily find out the lovely wood windows decorated with flowers in this beautiful town like this

and like this

and this

We took a small round in town then back to hotel preparing for the trip, she was quite satisfied with the atmosphere here and so was I. Similar to Nordic countries, Switzerland gives me the distinctively peaceful feeling that I can hardly find in other European countries.

The next morning, it was clear without rain, but there was not sunshine yet. However, after waiting for 1 hour, we decided to proceed to the train station to start our trip. That was a right call of my wife, when I had been thinking of waiting for another hour. To get to the peak, we have to take 03 different trains (according to the locals, each train is designed for a specific height with certain bearable range of slopes). Luckily, the higher we went up, the more sunny weather we got, and we started taking photos over train windows. The view on the way up to the peak looks like this

We passed by a station, full of sunshine, and peacefully lovely by its simplicity

and another picturistic view

The train went along the curves of the mountain

and through the woods, under the sunlight

Like in our other trip in Italy, we took a photo, retouched with water-color effect (so it could look like a painting) and printed out to hang at our home

After a great journey by trains, we arrived at the peak. That was her first time seeing snow, under sunshine, and with an amazing & spectacular view.

This is us, at the Top of Europe 🙂

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We played with snow, and I could see her laughing, her smile, her happiness, together with me…

maifeo, maipheo, the_miracle88, justus, tkmp, top of europe, jungfraujoch

maifeo, maipheo, the_miracle88, justus, tkmp, top of europe, jungfraujoch

maifeo, maipheo, the_miracle88, justus, tkmp, top of europe, jungfraujoch

On the way back, we dropped at Grindelwald, a village located in the middle of the trip which is a very famous location, to go for a walk.

Thanks to the lovely trains with different colors which make our journey more complete

When we came back to the hotel, it was quite late in the afternoon but surprisingly warmed by sunshine. Let’s compare the same view from our balcony the day before and that day:

We went out to take another round, having our dinner at a Thai restaurant, enjoying our hot dishes under sunlight with cool temperature.

This closes one of our most happy trips. I love the way I see you staying besides me, looking over the window while we are on the way, with your hair brighten by sunshine.

maifeo, maipheo, the_miracle88, justus, tkmp, top of europe, jungfraujoch

Then again comes my promise, when we meet next, we’ll come back to Switzerland again, to where we haven’t been..

maifeo, maipheo, the_miracle88, justus, tkmp, top of europe, jungfraujoch


Interlaken, July 2015