Her Daruma doll

By on 6-19-2017 in Our memories

Her Daruma doll

One of her close friends gave my wife a Daruma doll as a gift from Japan. She then told me about the background history of this Japanese traditional doll, which is about the wishing and the process of achieving the wish. At the beginning, the doll has both eyes blank and white. Once someone makes a wish, he/she will paint in one eye (either of the two). Later, when he/she achieves the wish, the remaining eye will be painted in as a sign of completion.

She seemed interested in this, and one day she asked me to go out to a café to start doing the process 😀 We went to a quiet café in the centre, behinds the Hanoi Opera House if I remember correctly, bringing the doll along.

That was night-time on 24 November 2012, I was watching her painting the doll’s first eye while making her wish in silence (which only she could tell what it was). The picture was taken by my low-tech phone and even with some special effects by then.

Recently, I recalled about this activity we did together almost 05 years ago and wondered if her wish had been completed or not. Maybe yes, maybe no, and I decided to paint in the remaining eye of her Daruma doll.

No matter what your wish was, no matter if it was completed or not, let’s assume you completed everything here in this tiny world, and we’ll complete the other things together when we next meet!


Hanoi, November 2012