A nice Eiffel view

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A nice Eiffel view

This is one of the pics that she likes (in fact she likes most of the pics I took for her, hehe 😀 ). During our time in Paris, we had been searching for a different view of some famous places (like Eiffel tower) to avoid ending up with pics that look like the ones of the rest of the world (-_-)

We came thru this lovely and helpful post and thanks to the author who provides the details on how to get to each location, and actually we chose 02 places out of that post, which were the Eiffel tower and the MarchĂ© aux puces de Saint-Ouen, all inspired by “Midnight in Paris” movie.

That was a sunny morning, we came to the place by around noon. I used her iPhone to search and guide for reaching the destination, admitting that sometimes my old & poor phone could not have enough technologies to bring convenience at some level :”>

The original screenshot captured in the movie looks like this

And after our multiple shots, this one was selected to crop and retouch

She took some with her phone and I find out that they look more artistic than the one I took =)) That was nice, the red Peugeot 404 car belongs to an old “playboy” man. He looks about 65-67 but dressed stylishly in white suit + brown shoes and some other accessories that I cannot remember, this added up the fun to the moment.

I cropped this pic into square and made it with cartoon effect like the one at the beginning of this post. My girl became “the girl in the painting“, as quoted from what she wrote in her Instagram.

During the way back, I wasted a MĂ©tro ticket (thanks to my silly test :D) and she bought some cosmetics.

Paris, 10 July 2015