Up in the air

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Up in the air

We visited Boracay by early Feb 2015. In fact, we were not impressed about the beach here, it was no better than the beaches in our country. But our impression and fun were all about the beach-sport activities here, the services and professionalism were much higher than expected. We tried quite a few activities, from parasailing to helmet diving, sunset boating, etc. and all those made our moments really great back then.

We chose parasailing to start with at around noon time. The experience was so good, for that reason later I decided to search more about the details to find out how high we were above the sea that day. I came across this blog http://anomadicexistence.com/parasailing-in-boracay and knowing that we were at over 100-metre height, that’s fantastic! The couple in this blog used the same service as we did, run by the Diamond Watersports.

This is us, while in the boat heading further to the sea before starting parasailing.

Justus Boracay


And while she was being prepared for safety belt with the parachute, I might have a little concern on whether she would enjoy this or not. This activity is not for everyone, especially for those who afraid of height (she’s not, but this was our 1st time joining this kind of activity).


We “take-off” in excitement, I could hardly see her smiles and laughs naturally like that those days back then


And here are her excitement haha 😀 😀 . To be honest, even when we didn’t fully start the parasailing, just by seeing her smiles and laughing like that, it was more than amazing to me already.


and here we are, over 100 metres above the sea

When at this height, I silently watching her while still talking with her as normal. She was excited, but there was a moment I saw her being a little bit nauseated when suddenly looking down to the sea under her feet. The boat, original size same as a car, now was with the size of a thumb. I silently recognized that she was getting over the sickness that time, bravely, by stopping talking to me for about 1 minute. That’s my girl, she’s been always ahead of me in terms of bravery.

Unlike the couple in the blog above, we were still with smile after “landing”, this is us when being asked by the service team to straighten our legs for landing.


This closed our first activity before joining other joyful ones later. The moment was short, but the memories is being with me, and with you also I guess…

Boracay, Feb 2015