Summer time in Paris

By on 4-28-2017 in Our memories, Videos

Before our trip, I had been to Paris 03 times, each lasted for about one week and in fact those times were not so impressive to me. Main part of the reasons was about the weather, as the 1st time I was there during X-mas and it was so cloudy and lonely esp for a lone traveler. Other minor part was about the people, as the 2nd time when I was staying at an old, centrally-located but nice hotel which was run by an old, indifferent man and had something really “Parisian pride” inside him. For the 3rd time I was unable to use roaming service to call my friend and was denied when asking a policeman for borrowing his mobile to make just 01 phone call. The last part was about language, where people (including the youths) tend not to use English, and I had to switch to my poor French to communicate sometimes.

But when we arrived in Paris by summer 2015 (July), it was totally different to me. The weather, for all the time we were there, was perfect with full of sunshine and cool temperature (abt. 20 degrees Celsius). It all started with the customs officer smiled with my wife, showing his gallant attitude by the “Welcome to Paris” salutation which I guess he would usually use for everyone who arrives there for the 1st time.

We stopped by the PAUL bakery before checking in our hotel, where she took her first picture of Paris over the window (the featured picture of this post). We then checked in, rested, then walked around before finally sitting up to listen to an accordéon show near Notre-Dame cathedral during sunset time.

The later day we walked down the whole Champs-Elysées avenue starting from La Grande Arche de la Défense back to the very central of Paris (Point zéro).

The weather, again, was terrific. I think we are both “weather-oriented” people in a sense that just merely sunshine and cool temperature with light wind can make our day for no other reasons. She stopped for a few minutes watching a street performance show and recorded the moment, perhaps you can feel the beauty of the weather that time in the clip.

That started a big part of my lifetime’s best moments back then


Paris, July 2015