Her friends

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Her friends

I have a habit of watching, evaluating and “classifying” people I’ve met. Sometimes my judgment was not so correct from the beginning, but most of the cases are good enough in the long run.

She has a group of girl friends, I would say close ones. Together they formed a group named “WG” since their teenage time, means “Wonder Girls” if I remember correctly. In fact, I rarely talk to her friends and I don’t know them much, neither do they about me.

But for all that passed and have been going on, I would say she is so lucky to have such a beautiful friendship with them. I’m not going to tell all the details here, but I know for sure that they have been a big part of her meaningful memories.

This is maybe the only post in our blog which I don’t use my own photos/pictures. Instead, I “stole” the drawings from one of her friends, and all kinds of copyright are credited to her. That girl draws what really happened at specific events in a comic way that all of them can remember.

The feature photo of this post is about my wife and her friends during their trips to Cat Ba about 07 years ago, in which she wore a red purse.

The photo below is about my wife and her friends during a time at West Lake, while she was lying down and thinking about me (represented by the letter “K”) 😀 😀

maifeo maipheo and her friends

They sometimes gathered at one’s home to have a girls-night, and below are one of those nights

maifeo maipheo and her friends

and welfied together

maifeo maipheo and her friends


Unlike the amazing girls, my wife has very few boy friends, if I could call them her “boy friends”. I have never met any of those guys, all I know is from what she told me and what I could see from their Facebooks and Instagrams.

She told me about a guy who studied with her at same university, not sure if he was her classmate or not, maybe he was. After graduating, he moved to work in Ho Chi Minh city and one day, during his trip to Hanoi, he came picking her up for a round. From what I could see that time, he was into the type of loving to spend more time with women than to anything else, but lacking of reliability and sincerity.

She told me about a younger guy who studied with her at French class (L’Espace). This guy seems to be very nice to every girl he knows, and talks a lot with his girl friends on a regular basis, later he moved overseas for studying.

And during her unlucky time, as far as I’ve known, none of those 02 guys has contacted her.

I’m quite confident in what I could see from people. The beauty of the friendship between my wife and her girl friends can be sensed not from talking, not from gifting, not from gathering regularly, not from posting status or any other mean that “low-level” people normally do. Yes, to me, there are categories of people, from the very low levels to the higher ones (don’t know what the highest will be, and there won’t be one), and those levels are purely based on the beauty of the souls and hearts.

I wish you would always be surrounded by wonderful friends like what you have had, wherever you are!